2018 Homecoming Step Show Application

Hosted by The National Pan-Hellenic Council at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The 2018 Homecoming Step Show, hosted by the UNC-Chapel Hill National Pan-Hellenic Council, will occur on Friday, November 2nd at Memorial Hall at 7 pm. Applications are due by Monday, October 22nd at 5pm along with a $150.00 application fee for visiting competing teams or $50 for visiting exhibition teams and UNC chapter competing teams.



Thank you for your interest in our Annual Homecoming Step Show! The National Pan-Hellenic Council of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill values the historical importance of stepping as one of the vital links between African-American Fraternities and Sororities and our African heritage. It is understood that Step Shows are a form of creative expression and are consistent with educating others about the vitality, strength, and history of our organizations. In order to protect our rich culture, to display the most respect for our history, and to maintain a positive atmosphere within the community that we serve, it is expected that these guidelines will be upheld by all. This year, the Step Show will be even bigger than before as we celebrate the ground breaking for UNC NPHC’s Garden which will highlight the contributions of our council within the Carolina community. We would like to take this opportunity to strongly encourage your organization to participate in making this event a success.


The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s National Pan-Hellenic Council

Rules and Regulations


Failure to comply with these rules will result in deductions from the judges scoring for each rule broken. Details on amount of the deduction will be in the judges’ packet.

  • No blatant disrespect (the use of specific organization or individuals’ names or signs in a disrespectful way) toward any other organization will be allowed.

  • No profanity will be allowed.  Music that contains profanity is not acceptable. If a judge or OFSL representative hears suspected vulgarity, they will request a music playback from the Memorial Hall tech team. Your team will be automatically disqualified if the use of profanity is proven.

  • No vulgarity will be allowed.  This includes, but is not limited to: extreme sexual innuendos, nudity, and obscene language. If this occurs your show will be stopped at the discretion of a representative from OFSL or the head judge.

  • No liquid, glitter, bubbles, balloons, etc. are allowed on stage.

  • No taps (on soles of shoes) are allowed on the stage surface at any time.

  • All policies regarding conduct of the venue also apply.


  • The maximum number of steppers/performers per organization allowed is 20 members. Chapters may have up to 6 additional people on the stage or in the aisles during the performance time for props (names must be turned in as part of show). 

  • It is your responsibility to have a representative with the sound technician when your team performs.

  • For every three registered performers, one dressing room assistant is allowed. There is a maximum of two assistants allowed.

  • The time limit for each organization will be set at 12 minutes, beginning as soon as a member of your organization steps onto the stage (or at the start of a video, skit or music) and ending when the last person is off the stage (or video/skit ends). There will be an official timekeeper on hand to ensure compliance with this rule.

Prizes will be awarded as follows:

(amount awarded for each fraternity and sorority categories)

1st Place - $1,000.00

2nd Place - $500

3rd Place - Plaque

Step Team(s) WILL NOT be paid in any form of cash and/or check ON THE DATE OF THE SHOW. Funds will be processed no later than one week after the show to guarantee payment in at least 4-6 weeks after the Step Show.


Each organization will have representation on the judging panel.


Assistant Director for Southeast Campus at North Carolina State University

Judging Criteria


Name (Primary Contact) *
Name (Primary Contact)
Phone (Primary Contact) *
Phone (Primary Contact)
Address *
Organization *
President's Name *
President's Name
Step Master/Mistress Name *
Step Master/Mistress Name
Chapter Advisor Name *
Chapter Advisor Name
Chapter Advisor Phone # *
Chapter Advisor Phone #
This number includes individuals performing/stepping and also assisting your show (props/stage). Refer to "PERFORMANCE RULES & REGULATIONS" for requirements.


Performance Type

questions or inquiries


UNC NPHC President

Alton Peques - apeques@live.unc.edu

UNC NPHC Advisor

Cassandra Thomas - chughest@email.unc.edu