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programming days

Each NPHC organization shall have the ability to program on any day during the fall and/or spring semester excluding chapter Founders’ Days or Charter Days. A programming day is defined as any event within the confines of the working hours between the days of Monday through Friday, which are 8am to 8pm, that is hosted by one or multiple organizations within or outside of the council that is for the general student body.

Chapter are required to submit their events earliest a year in advance and latest a month in advance so that the council is aware of council programming.

Founders’ Day and Charter Day

No organization will be permitted to host an event during another organizations Founders’ Day or Charter Day unless granted permission from said chapter at least two weeks in advance. In the event that another organization schedules a program during someone else’s Founders’ or Charter Day, said chapter will be subjected to a fine of $100. This fine will be made payable to the UNC National Pan-Hellenic Council no later than two weeks after the infraction has been identified. Any further action will be taken at the discretion of the Judicial Board.

scheduling conflicts

In the event that another organization needs to schedule a program during someone else’s chapter week, collaboration week or predetermined programming day, the requesting organization will need to submit written request to the sponsoring organization and sitting Judicial Board.


submission process

Submission of chapter programming will be done electronically. This process will be managed and executed by the sitting President and Secretary of Internal Affairs.

An online calendar will be updated weekly to reflect chapter submissions.

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NPHC Calendar Policy Updated August 2018